War – U2

The MARK’S VINTAGE VINYL page features something from Mark’s collection of recordings from over the years. Most of it is on vinyl – hence the name – though there will be a few entries from his CDs (remember those?).

War, by U2

  • Third studio album by U2, released in February 1983.
  • U2 turned political with this album. New Year’s Day originally started as a love song by Bono to his wife – when they were done, it was inspired by the Polish Solidarity movement, the trade union in Poland formed in 1980 that used civil resistance to attain social change. Sunday Bloody Sunday refers to 2 violent incidents in Northern Ireland, one in 1920 and another in 1972. Both songs are on Rolling Stones’ list of the Greatest Songs of All Time, at #435 and #272 respectively.
  • I finally realized that I needed U2 music in my collection after 2000, when I started reconnecting with my love of music. I purchased the War CD in the early 00s, appreciative of the power and emotion of the performance of these songs.
  • Here’s the live performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday that got constant airplay on MTV. Wow, the band looks young here! This song rocks!

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