OK Go Videos – Go Again!

The AWESOME! page has random music stuff that I think is cool. You never know what you will find here!

In April 2017, my AWESOME! page featured two videos by indie rock band OK Go. They’ve been around since 1998, and their fame is due to their quirky music videos. They are hilarious and fascinating to watch. The 2017 post featured their video for Here It Goes Again, with the boys dancing the song on eight treadmills, filmed in a continuous take. It took 17 takes to get it right. That video won the Grammy award in 2007 for Best Short Form Music Video. The second video was for This Too Shall Pass. That song actually had two videos – the one I posted features the band performing in the middle of an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine. It was the seventh most watched video of 2010. Really – there is no adequate describing of these videos – you MUST watch them. See my post from April 12, 2017.

There are so many more highly entertaining videos that the band has done. Here’s a couple more. Obsession was released in November 2017 – it features the band performing with 567 desktop printers synchronized to print colored paper sheets to the song – simply spectacular!

And then, check out the optical illusions galore on this one-shot video for their 2014 song The Writing’s On the Wall. How’d they do that!? Enjoy!

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