Greatest Videos – Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

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Occasionally on the AWESOME! page, I like to feature a cool video that I think you should watch.

Today, I present to you…the original best video ever. During the heyday of MTV, Peter Gabriel’s video of his 1986 song Sledgehammer was widely acclaimed as the greatest ever (the only other video that was considered comparable in legacy was Michael Jackson’s Thriller). The Gabriel video won a record nine MTV Video Music Awards at the 1987 ceremony, including Video of the Year. The video made use of claymation, pixilation and stop motion animation, and the finished product was considered a technological breakthrough in video production. To film the video, Gabriel had to lie under a pane of glass for 16 hours while it was shot one frame at a time.

Even today, 35+ years later, it still is near the top of every “greatest video” list that you’ll find.

Here it is – check it out!

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