Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, by Elton John

  • Seventh studio album by Elton John, a double album, released in 1973.
  • As great as John has been over his nearly 60 year career, this album is regarded by many to be his best. I can’t disagree – all 18 tracks are brilliant. This album made my list of the greatest double albums of all time, coming in at #3 (see my blog post from November 8, 2017 for my top 5).
  • The opening track reveals how exceptional the album would be – the 11 minute masterpiece double song of Funeral For a Friend and Love Lies Bleeding. Very art rock, very progressive, with heavy use of synthesizers, a total rocker – absolutely epic. In 2017, Billboard polled music critics, and Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding was chosen as #2 on the list of John’s greatest songs ever. The #1 song? Bennie and the Jets – the third song on the album. What song is sandwiched between these 2 classics? Well…it’s only another stunner…Candle In the Wind, which John revised in 1997 after the death of Princess Diana, and ultimately became the highest selling single since the record charts were created in the 50s.
  • All 4 singles from the album are classic rock classics – Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, the title track Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Bennie and the Jets, and Candle In the Wind. My fave of these – Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, with its aggressive, glam rock sound. I love the deep cuts too – Jamaica Jerk Off, Sweet Painted Lady, All the Girls Love Alice, Your Sister Can’t Twist (But She Can Rock and Roll) – all fabulous. And, John closes the album with the beautiful Harmony, a fitting end to one of the greatest albums ever.
  • The album is heralded by many. In 2003, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone puts it at #91 on their GOAT album list. It is certified 8x platinum – John’s best selling album, it has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. I am proud to have it in my record collection.
  • For your viewing pleasure – here is Sir Elton John performing Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting in 2005. “It’s getting late, have you seen my date….”

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