Stevie Wonder Cover Songs

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In June of 2017 and June of 2018, I wrote about the two most covered artists in rock/pop music history – The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Go check out those posts.

Now, read about the third most covered artist of all time – Stevie Wonder. Stevie just turned 70 on May 13, 2020. For more on Wonder, see my post from September 13, 2017.

Maybe there’s some controversy on who is the most covered artist. Wikipedia doesn’t have a page for covered Stevie Wonder songs, like it does for The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Wiki lists over 2,400 Beatles covers and 1,600 Dylan covers. I found a Stevie Wonder website from the UK that lists over 3,500 Stevie Wonder covers! With over 250 covers of You Are The Sunshine of My Life! And over 180 covers of Superstition. 

Here are 3 covers that you don’t want to miss – Stevie Ray Vaughn’s famous cover version of Superstition, Lady Gaga’s I Wish tribute to Wonder, and check out the video of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder performing Living For the City. Now you know why I call this part of my blog the “Awesome” page!



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