EDM Goes Classical

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I like almost all music genres, but if I rank my faves, EDM (Electronic Dance Music for those of you that are still living in the last century) and Classical (very much from the last century, as well as the 19th and 18th centuries) are top 5 for me.

You might think that these are 2 genres that are as different as they get. Well, imagine my surprise when I was surfing music a couple of months ago, and I discovered an album that puts them together.

One of the biggest EDM DJs out there for the last 20 years is 6 time Grammy nominated artist Joel Zimmerman, who uses the name deadmau5 as his professional name (see my September 6, 2017 post to learn more about him). In March 2018, he released a compilation album titled Where’s the Drop?, an orchestral compilation album made in collaboration with award winning composer Gregory Reveret. Where’s the Drop? contains 15 songs that are full-orchestra versions of songs originally from his EP, which was released in 2013. “7” refers to the 7 deadly sins. Also on Where’s the Drop? are orchestral versions of several other deadmau5 pieces.

These orchestral interpretations of the original EDM songs are absolutely beautiful.

By the way, if you don’t know what a “drop” is – EDM music frequently incorporates a technique where there is a build-up of sound – rising pitch, increasing tempo, to a high tension, high intensity point, and then there is a sudden change in the rhythm – that’s the drop. It’s when the kids start to jump on the dance floor. By naming the album Where’s the Drop?, deadmau5 is teasing his fans who have come to expect a drop in all of his tracks. This classical album certainly has no drops!

I’ve attached YouTube links to 2 songs – the original EDM version of Monophobia, and the orchestral version (ov) of the same song. Listen to both, and see which one you prefer – EDM or Classical!

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