Greatest Videos – Billie Eilish – Hostage

The AWESOME! page has random music stuff that I think is cool. You never know what you will find here!

Occasionally, in the AWESOME! page, I’ll feature a music video that I think is particularly cool. In the past, I’ve showcased Hurt by Johnny Cash, Lazurus by David Bowie, Vogue by Madonna, and a bunch more (go to the “Awesome!” tab on the website to see all of my AWESOME! posts).

In the short career of Billie Eilish, I’ve been very impressed with her music (see my post on Eilish from April 28, 2019). Her music videos are very eclectic and very creative. My April 28 post included her video for her duet with Khalid, titled Lovely – the song and the video indeed are lovely. Her Don’t Smile At Me EP, released in 2017, includes a song titled Hostage. I recently discovered the video for the song, and it scores high on my list of video art. And…remember, she was only 16 years old when she shot this. Take a few minutes to watch this gem.

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