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Here’s my fourth installment of the series “Music and Television.”

Starting in 2007, 70s and 80s pop-rock icon Daryl Hall (from Hall and Oates) started an online music show called Live From Daryl’s House. The show features a performance by Hall and his house band along with a guest artist. In addition to the performance, the show often features a segment where Hall and his guest prepare food for a feast.

The debut episode featured only Hall. The second episode was his first with another artist – his long time partner in music John Oates joined him. The concept earned many fans, and Hall continued to produce the show once a month from November 2007 until January 2013 – 62 shows, with only one break in March 2010. In 2014 and 2015, he did 6 monthly shows each year, and in 2016 he did 8 weekly shows in May and June that year – a total of 82 episodes were produced during the series run.

Originally, it was only available on the internet, but starting in 2011, shows were also shown on TV, including on VH1 and MTV Live.

Most of episodes 1 through 64 were filmed at Hall’s home in Millerton New York (a few were filmed at other locations). Starting with Episode 65, filming was at Hall’s club in Pawling New York, called Daryl’s House. Hall’s home in Millerton is 2 houses originally built between 1771 and 1781 in Connecticut. Hall had the houses disassembled and shipped to Millerton, where they were reassembled and restored. His club in Pawling is a nightclub that was remodeled to look like his Millerton home.

Hall has featured artists of many different genres on the show, from R&B greats like Smokey Robinson and The O’Jays to rockers like Cheap Trick and Sammy Hagar to rap artists like Wyclef Jean and Travis McCoy. He tends to favor soul and R&B music, particularly from his native Philadelphia.

The last episode filmed featured Kenny Loggins, airing on June 23, 2016. In July 2018, it was announced that the show would return and would head into production in the fall of 2018. Apparently, it has been delayed – as of February 2019, no schedule has been announced as to its return, though reportedly new episodes are in the works.

You can still watch the last 6 episodes on the website, and many clips from other shows are available on YouTube. Here’s a clip of Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top performing La Grange with Hall and his band, Episode 63, which aired on January 15, 2014. Enjoy!

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