Leftoverture – Kansas

The MARK’S VINTAGE VINYL page features something from Mark’s collection of recordings from over the years. Most of it is on vinyl – hence the name – though there will be a few entries from his CDs (remember those?).

Leftoverture, by Kansas

  • Fourth studio album by rock band Kansas, released in 1976.
  • Everything about this album falls into my list of music favorites. Strong vocals (with harmonies), good use of keyboards, virtuoso drumming, great guitar solos, symphonic sound, even a violin – it makes this one of my favorite records of all time.
  • I have a lively debate with friends as to whether or not Kansas was a progressive rock band. I say yes – though obviously they did not define prog rock – that was the role of bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Jethro Tull and others. Note that these other bands are all British. I say that Kansas represented the Americas and its form of prog rock.
  • Rolling Stone agrees – in 2015, it chose Leftoverture at #32 on its list of the Greatest Prog Rock Albums of all time.
  • The album has several strong songs. The main single from the album was their classic – Carry On Wayward Son. It peaked at #11 on the Hot 100 chart, and was their second biggest selling song (behind Dust In The Wind). My favorite song? Miracles Out Of Nowhere. Kickass symphonic rock song – it is so big, it has to end with a gong!
  • Check out this live performance of Carry On Wayward Son. This song also kicks ass!

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