Quadrophenia – The Who

The MARK’S VINTAGE VINYL page features something from Mark’s collection of recordings from over the years. Most of it is on vinyl – hence the name – though there will be a few entries from his CDs (remember those?).

Quadrophenia, by The Who

  • Sixth studio album released by The Who, in 1973. It is a double album.
  • It is the second rock opera by The Who – the first, Tommy, was released in 1969, and is also in my record collection. It was written in its entirety by Pete Townshend.
  • The story follows Jimmy, a young mod in London, as he searches for self-worth and importance. Jimmy has a 4-way split personality, which led to the album’s title (a play on the word schizophrenia).
  • The album peaked at #2 in the U.S. on the Billboard 200 album chart. It was kept out of the #1 spot by Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road double album – also in my record collection. The album is ranked #267 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
  • This album contains what I believe to be one of the greatest rock songs of all time – the closing piece to the record, Love Reign o’er Me. Of course, others will scorn me for this – the song is probably too “artsy” and “progressive” to make the list for other music fans. But…Roger Daltrey’s vocals on this song are incomparable, amazing, spectacular. And the ending…with Keith Moon’s inspired drums, Pete Townshend’s scathing guitar riff, John Entwistle’s driving bass and Daltrey’s screeching final “LOVE”, is the ultimate kick ass ending to a kick ass rock song! Pearl Jam covered the song in 2007, and their version is true to the original, with Eddie Vedder sounding nearly identical to Daltrey. Here are the versions by both The Who and Pearl Jam. Enjoy perfect rock & roll!

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