Silk Degrees – Boz Scaggs

The MARK’S VINTAGE VINYL page features something from Mark’s collection of recordings from over the years. Most of it is on vinyl – hence the name – though there will be a few entries from his CDs (remember those?).

Silk Degrees, by Boz Scaggs

  • Seventh album by Boz Scaggs, released in 1976.
  • The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart, and remained on the chart for over 2 years. It sold over 5 million copies in the U.S.
  • The big singles from the album were Lowdown and Lido Shuffle. Both still get major airplay on Classic rock radio stations.
  • Lowdown won a Grammy award for Best R&B Song in 1977, and Scaggs had 3 other Grammy nominations from the album.
  • The session musicians that Scaggs used on the album went on the form the band Toto the following year.
  • Early in his career, Scaggs performed with The Steve Miller Band. He has made 18 studio albums, and still tours today. He also owns a vineyard in Napa Valley California.
  • This record is a combination of pop rock, soul and ballads. It had a cool sound, and the hits were big, so I bought it (used, as usual – nearly all of my records were purchased at used record stores). I still think its cool. Here is a later version of the award winning song Lowdown –  so jazzy, so R&B, so 70s!

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