Some Girls – The Rolling Stones

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Some Girls, by The Rolling Stones

  • Released in 1978, the 16th American and 14th British studio album by The Rolling Stones.
  • Considered by many to be the return of The Rolling Stones, after a 5 year period where they seemed to be obsolete. Disco and punk rock had become big, and The Stones were no longer relevant. Some Girls changed all of that.
  • The album cover was controversial, in that originally it used the faces of celebrities like Lucille Ball, Farrah Fawcett, Judy Garland, Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe without their permission. The faces were on the inner sleeve, and the outer cover was die-cut to show the faces underneath. After legal action was threatened, a revised cover was issued, with the celebrity faces removed and replaced with bright colors and the words “Pardon our appearance – cover under re-construction” on the inner sleeve.
  • The album is the top selling Rolling Stones studio album of all time in the U.S., selling over 6 million records. Only their Hot Rocks greatest hits double album has sold more (which I own also).
  • Rolling Stone magazine ranks it #270 on their list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
  • Growing up, I was not a particularly big Rolling Stones fan. Once I hit college and started buying lots of used records, I decided that I needed some Stones. The Some Girls album had a cool album cover (the one above is the original one, and the one that I own), and the singles Miss You, Beast of Burden, and my favorite, Shattered, were classics. Beast of Burden ranks at #443 on Rolling Stone magazines list of the Greatest Songs of All Time. Here’s a recent live performance by the band of this great song.

1 thought on “Some Girls – The Rolling Stones”

  1. Agree totally with not being a Stones fan when they were happeneing. Hated in fact. Had tons to do with the relentless air play of those very songs you list. This was true for many artist for me then. The boss was another I would turn as soon as it came on. For the stones it was also because when I was in grade school garage bands we always had to play jumpin jack flash cause it’s all the guitar players new. Over and over. But now…I appreciate them all for what they did. Almost glad it happen this was. It’s like new music for me!!!

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