Luke Bryan

  • Country singer and songwriter born Thomas Luther Bryan in 1976 in Leesburg Georgia.
  • Bryan showed musical talent as a teenager. He got his first guitar at 14, and the next year he was playing at a local country music club, and by 16 he was writing music. He planned to move to Nashville at 19. However, his brother was killed in a car accident, and Bryan decided to remain in Georgia to be close to his family. He continued to play gigs while in college, and he recorded an album that he sold at shows.
  • His father encouraged him to move in 2001, telling him that if he didn’t, he would fire him from the family business. After moving to Nashville, he started writing music for other artists, including Travis Tritt and Billy Currington.
  • He signed with a record label, and his debut album, I’ll Stay Me, was released in 2007. Two singles released from the album – All My Friends Say and Country Man, hit the top 10 on the Country charts.
  • His 2009 follow-up album, Doin’ My Thing, showed his growing popularity among country fans. It sold over 1 million copies, and the singles were hugely successful – Do I peaked at #2 on the country charts, and Rain is a Good Thing and Someone Else Calling You Baby both hit #1.
  • In the 10’s, all 3 of Bryan’s albums have peaked at #1 on the Billboard Country chart, and 2 of them hit #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Combined, these albums have sold over 5 million copies.  His top selling singles have been Country Girl (Shake It For Me), Play It Again, Drunk On You, I Don’t Want This Night to End, Crash My Party, and That’s My Kind of Night. 
  • Each March from 2009 to 2015, Bryan released EPs with a spring break theme to them. The songs are about the beach and the sand and the sun and parties and girls. Pretty typical topics for spring break, I’d say.
  • In total, 17 of his 22 singles have peaked at #1. Safe to say that Luke Bryan has become a big star in the world of country music.
  • Bryan is a enthusiast of the outdoors and hunting. He is a co-owner of Buck Commander, a company that makes deer hunting merchandise. Buck Commander teamed up with The Outdoor Channel to make a TV show for hunters, and Bryan appears in the show.
  • He has co-hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards since 2013, and has appeared on the TV shows CMT Crossroads, Nashville and The Voice. 
  • Luke Bryan is the quintessential country music artist of the 10s. His songs are about the outdoors and girls and parties and raising a little hell – topics that seem to appeal to country music fans. Enjoy the feel good country life with his video Play It Again.

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