Greatest Videos – Coldplay – Speed of Sound

The AWESOME! page has random music stuff that I think is cool. You never know what you will find here!

I like to feature videos that I think are special. So far, on the Awesome! page, I’ve featured exceptional videos by David Bowie, OK Go, Michael Andrews/Gary Jules, and Johnny Cash. This week, I’m featuring Coldplay’s Awesome! video of Speed of Sound, released in 2005.

The video shows the band performing the song in front of 640 LED displays embedded in a curved wall. As singer Chris Martin sings, the LED lights begin to glow, and then burst into color as the song progresses. At the MTV Music Video Awards in 2005, it was nominated for 4 awards, including Video of the Year (the award was won by Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams – OK, it’s a pretty good video too, but I much prefer Speed of Sound). The song also was nominated for 2 Grammy awards that year (the awards were won by U2).

I hope you enjoy Speed of Sound, by Coldplay.



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