Big & Rich

  • Country music duo, Kenny Alpin (Big Kenny) and John Rich, formed in 1998, from Nashville Tennessee.
  • Rich was a founding member of the band Texassee, which evolved into Lonestar. He left the band after their second album in 1998. That same year, Kenny was signed to a record label and recorded a solo rock album in 1999, called Live a Little (the album was not released until 2005, after Big and Rich’s successful debut album).  Rich also became a solo artist, and he recorded an album in 2000 called Underneath the Same Moon – not released until 2006.
  • The two met at a club in 1998, and started writing music together. Their first song written together was I Pray For You. Rich released the song during his solo days – it reached #53 on the Hot Country Songs chart. They wrote several songs for other artists, including Martina McBride. McBride’s manager suggested that they record together as a duo. Rich initially was hesitant, thinking that Kenny was too rock & roll. They recorded a demo of Holy Water, and Rich’s concerns were gone. They signed a recording contract in 2003.
  • They wrote and recorded their debut album, Horse of a Different Color, released in 2004. It was very successful – sales were over 3 million copies, thanks to the strength of the singles Wild West Show, Holy Water, Big Time, and especially Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy), which as a single sold over 2 million copies. The single was debuted at that year’s Academy of Country Music Awards show, giving it huge exposure. The album peaked at #1 on the Country Album chart, and at #6 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart.
  • Big & Rich’s second album, Comin’ To Your City, was released in 2005. It sold over 1 million copies, and peaked at #3 on the Country Album chart, and at #7 on the Hot 200 chart. The 3 singles were Comin’ To Your City, Never Mind Me, and 8th of November. The first single has been used as the intro music to ESPN’s College Game Day pregame show on Saturday’s during the college football season. The last of these songs is about Vietnam veteran Niles Harris, who survived an attack during Operation Hump on November 8, 1965. The video for the song was nominated for a Grammy award.
  • Their third album, released in 2007, was Between Hell and Amazing Grace. It contains their only single that hit #1 on Country charts – Lost In the Moment. 
  • The duo went on hiatus for several years, with both artists releasing solo albums. In 2011, they reunited, recording the song Fake ID. They have released three studio albums since then.
  • Big & Rich are unique country music stars. Some of their songs have a quasi-hip-hop sound which they incorporate into their rocking country songs. Not all of them do though – they can write country ballads too. Watch 8th of November to see the more touching side of Big & Rich.

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