One Hit Wonders – Mickey, by Toni Basil

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I’m always interested in One Hit Wonders. These are songs that somehow made it huge in the music world, even though the artist was obscure – and after their moment in glory, they returned to obscurity. Periodically, on the AWESOME! page, I’ll feature a One Hit Wonder that you may remember.

In the early 80’s, when MTV was catching fire, the music video for Toni Basil’s song Mickey was made the song a huge hit. VH1 ranked it as the #5 One Hit Wonder of all time. The song is a cover of the song Kitty by UK band Racey – Basil changed the name to “Mickey” to make the song about a man. In the video, Basil wears her head cheerleader outfit from Las Vegas High School. It is considered the first choreographed music video ever. The opening stunt, where a cheerleader jumps through a human pyramid, is now illegal in cheerleader competitions.

While Basil didn’t have much of a music career, she has had great success as a choreographer and in films. She acted in 20 films between 1964 and 1990, and she appeared in roles in several TV shows. She was won numerous awards in choreography, including a Lifetime Achievement Innovator award from the American Choreography Awards.

Here’s the famous video of Mickey.

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