Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto #3

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Sergei Prokofiev completed his third piano concerto in 1921, and he was the pianist for its premier performance that same year.

It is one of my favorite classical pieces. I am amazed to watch a pianist play this concerto – there is a high amount of virtuosity involved.

There are 3 movements. I’ve attached all 3 separately, in case you may not want to watch the entire performance of the concerto. The second movement is the shortest – check out the performance below by 15 year old protege, Alexander Malofeev. The third movement has the most complexity – you’ll be amazed to watch it. If you can spare 25 minutes or so – listen and watch all 3 movements.

First Movement, Daniil Trifonov, pianist

Second Movement – Alexander Malofeev, pianist, 15 years old!

Third Movement, Martha Argerich, pianist




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  1. One of my favorite classical pieces (other than Classical Gas by Mason Williams, which is the greatest song of all time) is Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor; talk about haunting

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