One Hit Wonders – Macarena by Los Del Rio

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I’m always interested in One Hit Wonders. These are songs that somehow made it huge in the music world, even though the artist was obscure – and after their moment in glory, they returned to obscurity. Periodically, on the AWESOME! page, I’ll feature a One Hit Wonder that you may remember.

According to VH1, the #1 One Hit Wonder of all time is Macarena by Los Del Rio (Bayside Boys mix). Los Del Rio is a Spanish dance duo that formed in 1962. Macarena is a song about a woman with the same name. The original version was released in 1993 (year 31 for Los Del Rio!). They have produced 6 versions. In 1996, the Bayside Boys – three Miami based producers – made a remix, adding English lyrics. It hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that summer, and stayed #1 for 14 weeks. Only Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men’s One Sweet Day was #1 longer than Macarena. The song maintained its popularity for years, thanks to the Macarena dance that was developed with the song, and is still done at weddings today. I remember “doing the Macarena” – it always helped after a couple of drinks!

You MUST watch this! Here it is…MACARENA!



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