Keith Urban

  • Born in New Zealand in 1967.
  • In 1990, he had success in Australia with 4 country music singles before moving to the U.S. During the 90s, he was a session guitarist for various country music acts, and in 1997, he formed a country band named The Ranch.
  • In 1999, he released his first solo album, the self titled Keith Urban. The album had 4 singles, with But For The Grace of God reaching #1 on the country charts. This has been followed by 7 more albums, 5 of which reached #1 on the country charts. He has had 21 singles hit #1 – his most recent, Blue Ain’t Your Color, hit #1 in January this year.
  • Somebody Like You, from his Golden Road album in 2002, was named the biggest country hit of the decade by Billboard.
  • Urban has won 4 Grammy Awards in country categories, and numerous other awards from the world of country music.
  • Urban writes or co-writes most of his music. He plays guitar, banjo and other stringed instruments, and has a strong supporting cast of country musicians backing his work. His songs are catchy “feel good” country pop, with lots of harmony. As his popularity grows and grows, more artists want to collaborate with him. On his most recent album, Pitbull actually raps in the song Sun Don’t Let Me Down.
  • He tours extensively, and his hard work has made him the current highest paid singer in the world. Between April 2016 and April 2017, he pulled in $46 million in earnings. Plus, his wife Nicole Kidman helps pay the grocery bills!
  • Here’s his most popular YouTube video, with 64+ million views in 7 months – Blue Ain’t Your Color.

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  1. Best performer I’ve ever seen live. Jess and I have seen probably 8 or 9 times in concert now.

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