Blood, Sweat & Tears – Blood, Sweat & Tears

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Blood, Sweat & Tears, by Blood, Sweat & Tears

  • Released in 1968, their second album.
  • Singles from the album were You’ve Made Me So Very Happy, And When I Die, and Spinning Wheel. Each of these songs reached #2 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in 1969.
  • The album was their most successful, with sales exceeding 4 million units. It received the Grammy Award in 1970 for Album of the Year.
  • Their signature sound is two-fold, and is prevalent on this album. First – The vocals of David Clayton-Thomas. One of my musical loves is for powerful and distinctive lead vocals. Clayton-Thomas’ raspy jazzy blues vocal is powerful and full of emotion. I love it – one of my 10 all time favorites. Second – The horn section:  trumpet, trombone, sax, flugelhorn. BS&T was pioneering in using horns in their rock and roll songs. It’s reflective of the influence of jazz and blues in their music. The strength of the horns is reminiscent of the early albums by Chicago – no surprise, as BS&T was produced by James William Guercio, who also produced Chicago albums for the first 10 years of their long history.
  • Here’s And When I Die, a great track that highlights both the tremendous vocals and horns from this album.


3 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat & Tears – Blood, Sweat & Tears”

  1. Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ first album, also released in 1968, is completely different from the David Clayton Thomas version of BST. Al Kooper was the driving force on “Child Is Father To The Man” and is one of my favorite 60’s album. You really need to give it a listen.

    1. I will do that. AllMusic, the online music guide service, gives “Child is Father to the Man” 5 stars out of 5 – half a star higher than “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

  2. Love, love BS&T!! My fave….
    .. Now I’ve offered all I’ve got
    But it ain’t no way to live
    Being taken by the ones who have
    The least amount to give….

    Singing hi-de-ho, hi-de-hi
    Got to find me a piece of the sky
    Gonna find me some of that old sweet roll
    Singing hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho

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