Brad Paisley

  • Born in West Virginia in 1972.
  • Brad has released 12 studio albums from 1999 through 2017. His music has been hugely popular to country music lovers since the beginning of his career, with two songs from his first album, Who Needs Pictures, hitting #1 on the Country Charts – He Didn’t Have to Be, and We Danced.
  • He set a record by having 10 consecutive singles reach #1 in the Billboard Country Charts.
  • He has won numerous CMA and ACM awards, as well as 3 Grammy awards, and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry.
  • His style is classic 2000’s clean cut country pop music, with heavy use of harmonies and steel guitars. In fact, Brad helped define this pop-country sound.
  • Rolling Stone magazine has two Brad Paisley songs on its list of the 100 greatest country music songs of all time – Welcome to the Future, and Alcohol. And…what’s a country music song without some alcohol involved?

2 thoughts on “Brad Paisley”

  1. I’m a fan of Brad Paisley mainly due to the self-deprecating humor of his first album’s lyrics. This is a man who doesn’t take himself seriously at all, and I love that! Great sense of humor on display throughout almost all of his music. And the music that isn’t funny? Well, it’s generally heartfelt love stories dedicated to his wife, or more seriously, odes to his down-and-out home in Appalachia. Through his music, Brad Paisley comes across as a fun-loving but home-centered man whose heart is definitely in the right place. And he’s a kick-a$$ guitar player, too! Lots to like about this guy.

  2. Not always into country music, but I really like him! He seems like such a genuinely good guy and plays a great guitar!

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