Mark’s Music Mania has been created to give all music lovers a place to share thoughts about all kinds of music.

Listening to music – all types – has been my favorite pastime for almost 50 years. From Alternative to Zydeco (look it up), from Abba to ZZ Top, I get great enjoyment from the thousands of artists that have contributed their musical talents to the world.

Whenever I talk about music, I always find others that are just as interested as I am. Everyone has their own personal faves – I have a real appreciation for that, and I enjoy hearing about their musical passions. I hope that this website is a place that all music lovers will enjoy and contribute to.

Twice a week (or so), I will blog about a band or artist from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s, as well as other categories – Mark’s Vintage Vinyl (featuring something from my collection of records that began when I was 13 years old), and Awesome! (a somewhat random music experience that I think that you should take the time to discover).

If you have a particular passion or insight on anything musical, I encourage you to share it. Go to the Contribute page, and send me an e-mail on whatever you’d like. Try to keep it to 500 words or less. ┬áIf I like it, I’ll post it on a future blog (let me know if you want to be identified or not). If it isn’t posted, I’ll at least respond to your e-mail. Only one rule – keep it positive (way too much negativity on the internet these days)!

I really hope you enjoy this! If so, tell your friends. Like the Mark’s Music Mania Facebook page, so you will know when I make an update, and so others can learn about the website. Now…go check it out!


Photocredit – Header is from Alishayan79